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We offer a wide range of payment options, we have reliable payment terms.


Methods of Payment Including International Trade

We offer various payment options to our Buyers for speedy process of the shipments. By choosing any of the following payment options, you may rest assured that your shipments will be processed for faster dispatches.
  • Payment Terms are based on Quanity order and previous established business relationship.
  • Payment Terms are based on standard international Gov export payment terms Read Me
  • We offer secure payment methods for smaller orders, by Paypal, secure for both parties.
  • We allow buyers to make payments, in installments based on previous relationships.

Banking Online

With our many payment options, buyers can choose what they feel is the best options to pay for their purchases.

Credit Cards

Purchasing on our ebay, online ecommerce stores or requesting invoices states you agree to our terms, privacy conditions and constitutes a purchasing agreements

Each ecommerce platform may state all of our payment options, allow you to purchase fast and secure.


Samples Order Form

Sample boxes include currently ( Subject To Change ) Cost $400.00USD

Computer Motherboards High Grade, PCB, RAM, CPU, Copper Wire

Shipping 20Lbs Foreign or Domestic Included

Sale of Merchandise. See our payment process Here

Assigned above merchandise is As-Is upon departure, Including accessories unless stated with a warranty or specific terms and conditions above.Assigned above, two unpaid purchasing invoices will contitute as a purchasing violation. A purchasing violation will include a 180 day restriction from purchasing from HamRecycling. Please read Here on our violation database.  



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  • Donation & Collection

    Our in stream of electronic material is collected various ways

  • Sea Freight & Transportation

    We are offering many services now to assist with transporting material

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