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Please see some of our repair services we offer to help service , and repair your broken electronics.


We have long standing relationships

Buyers orders

With over 50,000+ completed transactions and counting, one of our objectives is to keep buyers coming back.

One of our company objectives is to keep customers & clients happy. Keeping our buyers, customer, partners happy is acomplished by simple rules.

shipment boxes

Collection of our material is always collected, tested, seperated for many end streams.

With these tests on the collected material, out streams include. 1. Unusable, units fparts or commodity streams. 2. Repairable, units are repaired, donated, or sold for reuse. 3. Tested, fully working, units are sold for tested used units.

On finished out stream of collected material, listed units are sold, listed on various streams of commerce. Streams include B2B, Auction, resale comrce full platforms. Thses simple rules have helped us build lon standing relationships, as well as a large amount of customers.

What repair services we offer ( Click To Expand )

  • Our repair, upgrade services for mobile devices & smartwatches(Click Here)
    • Mobile Phones - Screen Replacements, Speaker Replacements, Battery Replacements, Housings Replacments
    • SmartWatches - Screen Replacements, Battery Replacements
  • Our repair, upgrade services for tablet, laptop devices & desktop PC's (Click Here )
    • PC Desktop Mini Terminals - Screen & Battery Replacements,
    • Laptops,Tablets - Screen & Battery Replacements, Fans, Speakers, Hard Drives.



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  • Inventory & Storage

    New facility locations, connections, offering larger warehouse space for inventory.

  • Donation & Collection

    Our in stream of electronic material is collected various ways

  • Sea Freight & Transportation

    We are offering many services now to assist with transporting material

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